Looking for a fun job outside? 

Are you looking for a new challenge, are you driven and do you have a green thumb?
Contact us and become a part of our team!

Garden worker

Who are we looking for?

  • You’re a true outdoorsman! The only way we can please you is by giving you a job in the outdoors!
  • You’re motivated and social
  • Dexterity is one of your key features. 
  • You’re very flexible. You think it’s important to finish a project once you’ve started. 
  • When a problem arises, you like to actively contribute to a solution. You want to get the job done!
  • You have experience in the industry. If not, you’re at least eager to learn.
  • You’re a native Dutch or French speaker. Speaking a basic amount of Dutch is a minimum.

What will you do?

  • Planting (90%): You will plant a garden from start to finish. Meaning: earthworks, terraces and pavements (gravel, pavers, slabs, wood,…), constructing (swimming)ponds, structural elements, planting a lawn, placing barriers, plantations,…
  • Maintenance (10%): You will ensure that people can continue to enjoy their garden by trimming their hedges, trees and shrubs.

Degree and experience:

  • There are no specific degrees required. Experience is an added value. It is also rewarded with trust: more experience means more independence! 
  • You have a driving licence type B. A driving licence type C or CE is an added value.


  • Hennuyères is located only 15km from Halle. There is no smooth connection via public transport, so an own vehicle is required in order to reach our location. 
  • By origine we were a Flemish company, but we found an ideal spot, just over the linguistic border, which was more favourable to expand our business. 
  • As we speak both dutch and french very well, language shouldn't be a problem.

Possibilities to grow:

We value people who deliver great work and assume responsability. Dedication & experience will allow you to acquire the position of foreman. 

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