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Inspiration: Andrea Cochran

andrea cochran landschap en tuin zijn één geheel

Who is Andrea Cochran?

Andrea Cochran is an American landscape architect and founded her own design & architectural agency in 1998. The agency is based in San Francisco and Andrea currently employs around 13 people. 

She is very versatile, like a cameleon, but she always stays true to her own style. She works in the public sector as well in the private sector, from commercial to residential. Each design contains a structure of clean lines, often combined with soft, natural and scenic elements.

A sober look and harmonious feeling is guaranteed by the use of a limited amount of materials and plant species. You will notice that Andrea often uses large groups of the same species and that there's a repetition of materials and plants. 


Similarities with the style of Linea Hortus 

We ourselves, at Linea Hortus, we also use very sober and natural looking plants. We use those plants in large groups, for example large groups of grasses. The designed site flows naturally and almost seamlessly into the landscape because of the use of natural looking planting. In such gardens you would really wonder where the garden ends and where the landscape beginsThat's the beauty of landscape and garden architecture.

We prefer Andrea's residential and commercial projects the most, because they are minimalistic. We recognize our own "warm minimalistic" style in those projects. 

The integration of architectural elements and artistic objects doesn't scare us, nor does it Andrea, since these items are really part of the endresult. 


Images say more than words

The way in which the garden designs organically flow into the existing landscape is something you need to see and experience yourself. Just like seeing and experiencing the "warm minimalism" that we've already talked about. That's why we have added some images of Andrea's designs and creations bellow and maybe they will be an inspiration for your own garden. Enjoy.

andrea cochran zwart wit foto landschap met grassen
Where does the garden end and where does the natural landscape begin...


andrea cochran grind met bomen en grassen
The gravel provides a softer view and flows very naturally into the landscape. 


andrea cochran landschap en tuin zijn één geheel
A sober look and harmonious feeling is guaranteed by the use of a limited amount of materials and plant species.


andrea cochran strakke elementen met groene accenten aan woning
Each design contains a structure of clean lines.


andrea cochran strakke lijnen met boom en mooie lichtinval
The clean lines are combined with a natural landscape.


andrea cochran architecturaal in combinatie met bomen
Architectural elements and artistic objects are part of the design.


andrea cochran muurtje in zwart beton gecombineerd met groene planten
A combination of greens with a wall in black concrete. 


andrea cochran landschap met piramide uit ontgonnen gesteente
A landscape with a piramid built from landscaped rock. 


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