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Linea Hortus celebrates 20 years by holding open garden days on 13, 14 and 20 May 2017

20 jaar Linea Hortus

How Linea Hortus started 

Bieke met her future husband, Olivier, while they were studying on a Landscape Gardening and Architecture course. Their shared passion for landscape gardening led to them starting their own business immediately after graduating in 1997. Bieke took care of the design process while Olivier was responsible for putting the designs into practice.

They founded Linea Hortus on 27 November 1997, which is a great reason for them to devote extra attention to this 20 years later and open their own garden to the public.


Open Garden & Objects & Art

Bieke and Olivier will open their garden to the public on 13, 14 and 20 May 2017.

You will be able to see how “warm minimalism” can be applied to a day-to-day living environment. You will also be able to see how the outside and inside form part of one whole and how these atmospheres blend into each other, and the connections throughout with art.

In the garden, designed in a special Linea Hortus style, you will be able to literally look up at a sculpture, created by Linea Hortus, that stands out against the horizon. However, furniture by Linea Hortus and pots and sculptures in kiln-fired earthenware by Atelier Vierkant also form an integral part of the garden.

For this “open garden” event, Linea Hortus will be working with the concept store 'Mamuli' and artist sabine oosterlynck and Dimitri Oosterlynck. Their objects and creations combine perfectly with the “warm minimalism” look.

linea hortus DEF2.jpg



You can find the Mamuli concept store that is run by Sylvie Schollier, in “Kluisbos” in Halle. Here, customer experience plays a key role. In the shop, you will find a varied selection of interior and design objects. You will also find fashion and accessories, handbags and children’s items. The selected items are made from sustainable materials, exude simplicity and are produced under good working conditions.

Sylvie will also be showing a selection of her work at the event, including garden furniture she designed for Vonk, fire baskets and plant holders.

Visit their Facebook page to learn more about them.

mamuli DEF.jpg


sabine oosterlynck 

We can hardly leave out the artist sabine oosterlynck - who also goes under the name "so", from the open garden days, as there are so many clear similarities between Linea Hortus’ work and her work. Sabine looks at how existing objects and materials can be placed in a new context. She creates multidisciplinary work with a focus on detail, scalability, manipulation and minimalism. Linea Hortus’ garden creations which often have surprising interventions and gentle manipulations of nature go hand in hand with this work.

Learn and discover more about 'so' on her Instagram and webiste

sabine oosterlynck DEF.jpg


Dimitri Oosterlynck

The painter and artist Dimitri Oosterlynck already has many accomplishments under his belt. He was seduced by colour from a young age and attempted to incorporate these pigments onto the canvass in the purest way possible. His turning point came in 1998 when he moved his focus to the canvas itself. Since then he has developed his own personal visual design language and it is as if he brings the linen canvas to life. This technique, combined with a dash of laissez-faire ensure creative, yet austere and minimalist creations.

Several of his works will be on display during our open garden days. 

Learn and discover more about Dimitri on his website

dimitri oosterlynck DEF.jpg


Latest news

If you want to stay updated on the latest news about the open garden days, you can follow us on the Linea Hortus event Facebook pages:

Weekend 1: 13 and 14/5/17
Weekend 2: 20/5/17

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