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Pots and objects in your patio and garden

objecten in tuin, strakke blokken, 3D

Your garden may be simple yet still extremely attractive. The same applies to your patio. Nevertheless, we think you can very easily take your garden to the next level by adding pots and objects.

For a successful result it is essential that the pot or object is incorporated into the whole. The materials and design will play a key role here.

There are 2 reasons why pots and objects may be used in an outdoor space. They may have a purely aesthetic value, but they may also have a functional purpose.

Do you find it difficult to make a choice? There are so many things to choose from after all. In this blog, we will give you some suggestions which reflect our style, the “warm minimalist” Linea-Hortus style. We also design objects, which we either produce ourselves or have produced by a supplier.



Pots can have a variety of functions. 

Firstly, pots are used as flower boxes

potten als objecten aan vijver donkergrijs


potten als objecten aan vijver geïntegreerd in de tuin


There are several important factors to consider if a pot is going to be an effective flower box:

Orientation – this will be very decisive for your choice of plants.
When choosing plants, always check whether they are shade plants or whether they need to be in the sun. 

• Colour – whether to add colour or choose a plain style. You can choose plants that add a little colour to your garden or patio. Another option is to choose a distinctive green-leafed variety of plant.  

Herbs and vegetables instead of perennials or annual plants. In other words, you can look further than traditional plants. Placing an assortment of herbs and vegetables in a pot not only looks pretty, you also get something in return. In this case, it is best to use a single type of herb for each pot, which also looks the most attractive. If you choose vegetables, a good idea is to arrange one or two larger pots as a “square foot vegetable garden”.

Secondly, a pot can be attractive in itself as an object. When you do not put plants in a pot, it is perfectly fine as an ornament. Why not try it out? 

potten als plantenbak, verschillende hoogtes en planten


potten als plantenbak met verschillende kruiden in



You can use objects in your outdoor area purely for their aesthetic value or because they are functional too.

Works of art are usually placed in a direct line of vision from an interior area or from a specific part of the garden.

kunstobject uit ijzer in tuin


Choosing the materials for your pots and objects 

As we have already mentioned, pots and objects need to be incorporated into the whole if you want to achieve a successful result. So, your choice of materials is also important!


Terra cotta is Italian for ‘fired earth’ or ‘baked clay’, unglazed earthenware and fired red clay. We also immediately associate this word with the typical Italian pots in the ‘terracotta’ colour. 

terracotta potten in verschillende formaten


However, did you know that nowadays there are many contemporary brands that add a dash of new colour to these austere contours? You can discover this contemporary form of terracotta below in the section ‘Two exceptional pottery firms’. 

Weathering steel (COR-TEN steel)

Weathering steel is a metal alloy made from iron that has been mixed with copper, phosphorus, silicon, nickel and chrome. It has a distinctive and warm rust-coloured layer of oxidation that protects the steel beneath from oxygen, so it does not rust.

verschillende plantenbakken uit cortenstaal op terras


Ipé wood

Ipé is a hardwood that mainly comes from Brazil. Ipé is a very stable and sustainable variety of wood, which makes it extremely well-suited to external wooden surfaces

plantenbakken uit ipéhout op terras


Two exceptional pottery firms 

Atelier Vierkant 

The handmade, designer pots and objects made by the Belgian firm “Atelier Vierkant” are often rugged and impressive. They are used in projects throughout the world.

Atelier Vierkant makes its terracotta pots by hand and supplies them in a variety of sizes and colours.

Atelier Vierkant colours the clay naturally and offers colours including off-white, taupe grey, black and burgundy, cork and even light blue.

Their designs are always refined into contemporary yet timeless sculptures and they can also provide custom designs.

potten van atelier vierkant op terras met varens



Domani is another Belgian brand that treats pottery as a true craft. Domani always goes back to the origins of pottery when developing new products. They are constantly looking for ways to use an unusual patina, new colours and techniques, and always respect the material. 

platenbak van domani geel voor gevel huis


As you can see, there are numerous ways that you can give your garden and patio a new look by making small changes! Get started now and discover the value that pots and objects can add to your garden. Good luck!

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