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Swimming pond vs Pool

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You love the idea of swimming in your own garden. However, you find it hard to choose between a swimming pond or a pool? No worries, we will lead you through the benefits and disadvantages of both options!


The looks

The first aspect of making your choice can be very simple: what do you want it to look like? Pools have a typical, fixed look, while swimming ponds are more aligned with the natural surroundings of your garden. 

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Does that mean that every natural pool looks like a typical pond? Of course not! For example, at Linea Hortus we love to create a sober look, with a swimming pond that is designed with the same kind of corners and lines as a pool. The walls and bedding are being draped with black EPDM-foil or black polyester, although this is also possible in other colors. The special thing about a swimming pond, is that it gets a patinated, green look caused by algae. The pond therefore has a natural appearance, combined with an angular structure. 

Also think about the view you want during the months that swimming is not possible. If you're not that much of a daredevil, swimming in Belgium alas is mostly reserved for the summer. A swimming pond shows a beautiful sight every season, while a pool often is covered. 

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The ecosystem 

The ecosystem is an important reason for choosing a swimming pond. The water is being cleaned in a swamp area, where a pump impels the clean water back into the pond and maintains a closed circulation. Often, there are lots of plants being used during the construction of a natural pool, but at Linea Hortus we like to pick one specie - for example, we use a lot of cypergrass, a part of the papyrus family - and construct it as one massive, because this generates a beautiful effect. There are no chemical products involved and therefore you will not have to deal with irritated eyes. 

For private use, it is important that the swamp area is at least one fifth of the total swimming pool and at least as deep as the swimming area. 

zwemvijver kester.jpg

The chemical components of pool water do have a less positive impact on the environment. Due to non-use of chemicals, small insects or frogs can occur in the swimming pond. 

In a natural pool, you can keep fishes - although we advise not to use exotic species. Also, you want to bring the number and sorts of fishes into account. Unfortonately, fishes can't survive in a regular pool, due to products being used. 


The maintenance

It can take a while before your swimming pond has found it's ecological balance, which might cause a turbid colour during the first months. 

You also can notice two sorts of algae in your water. Algae that get attached to the EPDM-foil cause that nice, green shine, but it also makes the surface more slick. In the water itself, it's possible that filamentous algae are formed. Specific fishes feed themselves with the latter kind, but a too big amount of fishes can cause more organic waste, which then can lead to more algae. 

Cleaning your swimming pond is something you can't avoid. Luckily, it is not that time-consuming: from the start of the swimming season you need to clean your pond at least four times. Remove the organic waste with a net and use a vacuum cleaner that cleans the floor.

Pools need more cleaning, although this is mostly possible with an automatic vacuum cleaner. The filter has to be cleaned out weekly. Also the PH value needs to be controlled regularly and afterwards, you can add the needed chemical products, but nowadays this is also often done automatically. Because a pool generally is more often covered, you don't have as much organic waste.

zwembad nechin.jpg


The temperature

Often, people choose a pool because thanks to shutters, the warmth can be contained easier. However, a swimming pond can also be warmed. Depending on the temperatures outside, the temperature inside the pond can rise to 25° C or more. Both a pool and a swimming pond can be warmed up by for example a heat pump 

zwembad bellingen.jpg


The price

It is hard to provide an exact estimation of the price tag. Especially with pools, there is so much possible! Generally, a swimming pond is a little bit cheaper than a pool, but we advise you to discuss your ideas with a professional, Linea Hortus can help you with that.


A swimming pond or a pool: what do you choose?

Would you like to work with Linea Hortus? We can provide your swimming pond and we can recommend other professionals to help you with your pool, although we would love to design it for you. If you want to enjoy our warm minimalism in your natural or regular pool, contact us!

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